Dec 2019

X International Young Investigator Meeting

We organice an annual scientific meeting since 2010 in A Coruña during Xmas to join together talented Galician researchers who work abroad and come back to Galicia to visit their friends and family in these special days. We would like to thanks to all of them for participating in the meeting, in special to the speakers and to Marisol Soengas, Xosé Bustelo, Carlos Lamora, Raúl Romar, Malena Bodelón, Xosé Fraga, Lidia Enrich and Antonio Abril and to the authorities Eva Martínez Acón,  Councillor for Innovation, Industry, Employment and Consumer Affairs of the City Council of A Coruña, and Luis Verde, Director of XXIAC (INIBIC), Julio Abalde, Rector of UDC and María Jesús Lamas, Director of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS).

Many thanks to Museos Científicos – Ayuntamiento de A Coruña, in special to Marcos Perez and Patricia Barciela and to Hijos de Rivera, S.A.U., AMIT-Gal, Women CEO, Consello Social da Universidade da Coruña, Instituto José Cornide de Estudos Coruñeses, MUNCYT A Coruña and Executivas Galicia for the collaboration, awards and mentions.

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