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Seminars INIBIC (CHUAC-XXIAC) and CICA with Marisol Soengas and Lluís Montoliu

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May – Sept 2018 We have enjoyed time with Marisol Soengas, Lluís Montoliu, Manuel Irimia, Silvia Penuela and Frank Beier Our group actively participates in the organization of seminars and divulgation activities in A Coruña.  These seminars were organised in collaboration with the CICA, thanks to a grant from Xunta de Galicia (Agrupación CICA-INIBIC). Here… Leer más »Seminars INIBIC (CHUAC-XXIAC) and CICA with Marisol Soengas and Lluís Montoliu

Publication in the main science divulgation journal in Spain.

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March 2018 Publication in the main science divulgation journal in Spain. Images of of Marta Varela Eirín. Marta Varela-Eirin & Maria D. Mayan. Uniones celulares comunicantes. Investigación y Ciencia. Marzo 2018 (42-43). Website: Congratulations Marta!

Connexin and pannexin channels in inflammation and cancer

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Sept 2018 Science Xpression 2018 Sixth edition of Science Xpression workshop organised by our group in collaboration with Susana Sangiao and other collaborators. We have enjoyed  the session of conferences with internacional experts in the study of the role connexins and pannexins in cancer and neuronal, cardiovascular and liver disorders: Thanks to all of them… Leer más »Connexin and pannexin channels in inflammation and cancer

New results published in BBA-Biomembranes

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Sept 2018 Intercellular communication via gap junction channels between chondrocytes and bone cells Congratulations Paula Carpintero! Ready for the next paper? We have demonstrated in collaboration with Virgis Valiunas and Peter Brink, that synovial cells, bone cells and chondrocytes are able to communicate through gap junction channels formed by Cx43, exchanging ions, small molecules, peptides… Leer más »New results published in BBA-Biomembranes

SEBBM congress in Santander

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Sept 2018 We have actively participated in the SEBBM congress in Santander Congratulations to Adrian Varela! his work on melanoma has been selected as oral presentation. María Mayán coordinator of the Chemical Biology group organized one of the meetings together with Carlos F. Tornero (CIB, Madrid) who coordinates the Protein Structure and Function group. We thank… Leer más »SEBBM congress in Santander

Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

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March 2017

Postdoctoral Researcher: MRC Harwell, Oxforshire, UK

We are seeking a motivated and outstanding Postdoctoral candidate to join the MRC Harwell. The candidate will work with a multi-disciplinary team in basic and translational research. This position will serve as training in genetic manipulation including the CRISPR/Cas9 system to generate humanized mouse model to investigate Cx43-related diseases. The successful candidate will join the team at the MRC Harwell and will be embedded in our network of academic collaborations.


Leer más »Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

Eppendorf Scientific Prize – SEBBM, FEBS3 AWARDS

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Oct 2017 Best scientific image of the year, FEBS3 AWARDS The image of Marta Varela Eirín «El panal de comunicación» has been awarded  with the Eppendorf Scientific Prize in the XL Congreso SEBBM (FEBS3+) that was held in Barcelona from October 23 to 26, 2017.!MartaVarela_SEBBM Congratulations Marta!

VIII International Young Investigator Meeting

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Dic 2017 VIII International Young Investigator Meeting  INIBIC, UDC, USC and MUNCYT Coruña A Coruña, 28 December 2017 Web:

New paper published in Ageing Research Reviews

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Dic 2017 This research was performed in collaboration with Manuel Collado and José Ramón Caeiro from IDIS and Silvia Corrochano from MRC-Harwell Ageing Research Reviews Congrats Marta!

Consolidated Group A into INIBIC scientific structure

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March 2017 Consolidated Group A into INIBIC scientific structure The CellCOM research group was established as new “associated research group” in 2015 after being evaluated by an internal committee. A few months later, the group passed the evaluations of the External Scientific Committee (ESC) and once the requirements have been met, it was established as an… Leer más »Consolidated Group A into INIBIC scientific structure