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Visit of Manuel Serrano from IRB to A Coruña

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May 2019

Manuel Serrano in A Coruña!

We are very happy to enjoy time and many helpful discussion with Manuel Serrano, one of the best researchers in Spain working in cellular senescence, tissue regeneration and cancer.

Manuel did a Seminar at INIBIC in CHUAC invited by our group and in collaboration with Agrupación CICA-INIBIC.

After the seminar we enjoyed the lunch with Eduardo Fonseca, Carlos Lamora (AECC) and Julio Corbi (Corbi Foundation) and a lovely walk around the best places of A Coruña together with Julio Corbi and Carlos Lamora. It was a pleasure to meet him in A Coruña. He also did a talk in the Colegio de Médicos de A Coruña organised by Corbi Foundation and supported by AECC (the Spanish Association Against Cancer)

In the picture with many people including Romai Beccaría, a politician who was involved in the creation of the CNIO and CNIC, two of the most competitive research institutes in Spain. Manuel Serranos was working for 14 years in CNIO, and he moved a few years ago to IRB in Barcelona.