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Supporting the World Cancer Research Day 2019

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Oct 2019

We are delighted to support the World Cancer Research Day 2019 together with the AECC.

We would like to thank AECC for their key role in supporting the cancer research in Spain and to help and assist oncological patients. They are doing such a great job. Many congrats and many thanks!

We have been in Madrid in the presentation of the cancer research that AECC organises every year and is supported by the Queen of Spain and the The Ministry of Science. We have enjoyed time meeting same colleagues and friends. It is always a pleasure to be there.

We have also participated in a divulgation activity organised by AECC in DOMUS (A Coruña scientific museums). We were isolating DNA from strawberries and tomatoes with little ones of 8 and 6 years old and we had such a good time!

In the pictures with some powerful #womanInScience; Marisol Soengas, Angela Nieto, Amparo Cano and Guadalupe Sabio. Also with Xosé Bustelo, and the mentors and thesis supervisors of María Mayán at CIB-CSIC Bernardo Shvartzman and Marisa Martinez.