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Women in Science I AECC-Coruña

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January 2020

AECC-Coruña «Con nombre de mujer: Ciencia a pie de call

The event was organized by AECC-Coruña and ASEICA-Mujer in collaboration with SEBBM and Corbi Foundation and Colegio Oficial de Medicos de A Coruña.

AECC-Coruña and ASEICA-Mujer, together with Marisol Soengas and María Mayan, have organized monthly lecture series to bring science out of the labs in order to promote the visibility of Women in Cancer Research.

María Mayán has participated in the presentation event, together with Marisol Soengas, Isabel Varela Nieto, Carla Reyes Uschinsky and Rosario García Campelo among others.